Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Extended Housing’s mission is to support individuals with severe and persistent mental illness to live as independently as possible by creating, developing, and sustaining safe, decent, affordable housing options.

Our Vision

Extended Housing, Inc., working with all provider agencies within our network, shall strive to provide safe, affordable and quality housing for persons with severe and persistent mental illness, and/or very low-income individuals in Lake County.

Values Statement

Extended Housing, Inc.’s basic principles are for our consumers.
The core values of our Agency are as follows:

  • Respect and Dignity for Consumers.
  • Compassion for individuals regardless of handicaps, income and potential for growth.
  • Support of the Consumer in the choice of housing in the community.
  • Development of the Consumer’s ability to live within the community.

Extended Housing, Inc. embraces these values and intends to incorporate them with Integrity and Sincerity.