Extended Housing, Inc.

Every day, Extended Housing helps mentally ill individuals live in safe homes.

WHY?   Our lives are made up of building blocks.   We build our lives with an education, a job, a home, a family, friends, a car, and other things.   Mental illness can cause all of those building blocks to come tumbling down.  Anyone can end up on the streets.  Without treatment and support, an individual with mental illness cannot work and therefore cannot pay rent or buy food.  Their illness may prevent them from seeking or accepting help.

REBUILDING LIVES  People’s success is achieved by surrounding them with support, helping them learn life skills and set goals, and connecting them to financial and social resources. Many have transitioned from the cold despair of mental illness and homelessness to the hope and warmth of a home . (read actual client stories)  With our services, properties and collaborative partners, Extended Housing provides a home…a hand…a fresh start.  (read more about the “people we serve”)

DEMAND VS. NEED  Extended Housing is responsible for the ownership, management, and maintenance of properties throughout Lake County and the disbursement of housing funds from federal and state programs (through the ADAMHS Board).   The demand for housing is greater than what is available and Extended Housing aggressively pursues grants and donations through fundraising to fill the gap.

THE FUTURE   Currently in development of another housing project similar to McKinley Grove – Stay Tuned!

Please click here for more information about McKinley Grove, a permanent supportive housing apartment community.

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