Homeless Outreach Program (P.A.T.H.)

  • Walk-In Hours (no appointment needed) are Mondays from 8:30 – 3:00 pm.
  • The purpose is to link newly identified homeless persons or persons facing homelessness to mental health and housing services.
  • Through intensive outreach, provides necessary supplies such as hygiene products, blankets, food vouchers, and bus tokens.
  • Once a person becomes enrolled in the program the outreach worker provides support with shelter, mental health services and entitlements.
  • CLICK HERE for the application for the Homeless Advisory Council.
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Housing Loan – subject to funding availability

  • Walk-In Hours (no appointment needed) are Wednesdays from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.
  • The purpose is to assist Lake County residents with severe and persistent mental illness, to obtain a security deposit OR 1st months rent.
  • Participants must show proof of income.
  • Interest free loan with low monthly payments for two years.
  • Click Here to Download Housing Loan Application

Shelter Plus Care Program

  • Funded through The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Funding for this project was initially obtained through the collaborative efforts of the Coalition on Housing and Support services of Lake County, the Lake County ADAMHS Board, and the United Way of Lake County.
  • The community partners with homeless persons experiencing severe and persistent mental illness to provide housing, mental health and other services to ensure their success.
  • Participants pay 30% of their adjusted gross income towards rent and utilities.
  • Permanent Housing
  • Referrals primarily come through the Lake County ADAMHS Board network of providers (i.e., Beacon Health and Signature Health).
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Housing Subsidy Programs

  • The purpose is to assist Lake County residents with severe and persistent mental illness to obtain permanent community housing.
  • The subsidy acts as a “bridge” until a permanent subsidy (Housing Choice Voucher) can be obtained, until a person’s income increases sufficiently so that a rental subsidy is not needed, or until a person can obtain the financial resources necessary to own their own home.
  • Participants pay 40% of their adjusted gross income towards rent and utilities.
  • Housing Support Workers routinely meet with subsidy participants to assist in resolving any housing issues and provide support during the transition into housing (i.e., Housing Voucher).
  • Click here to download the Housing Subsidy Application.

Transitional Housing

  • North Coast House is a voluntary transitional housing program which serves adult residents of Lake County with severe mental illness.
  • Persons requesting services at North Coast House often present with a long history of psychiatric hospitalizations and demonstrate a history of being unable to live independently.
  • The program also serves those who are homeless and in need of short term, transitional, residential services.
  • North Coast House provides 24 hour staff presence to assist residents in developing and implementing daily living skills and in utilizing community resources.
  • North Coast House provides ongoing individual programming within the residential setting based on the resident’s needs and desires.
  • The ultimate goal of North Coast House is for residents to take what they have learned in the home and utilize the skills in an independent living environment.