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For most of us, having a safe, warm place to sleep at night is a given. Going to school, earning a living, and having healthy relationships is the norm. It might not always be easy, but we can navigate our way through the challenges we face.

For many with a serious mental illness – like schizophrenia or major depression – the challenges they face can become insurmountable obstacles. Often it takes years or decades for someone with a mental illness to acknowledge what is happening with them. Relationships with family and friends change or disappear. For many, having a safe, decent, affordable place to live now becomes just a dream. This is why Extended Housing, Inc. is so vital for our most vulnerable community members.

Every year, Extended Housing, Inc. provides a home, a hand, and a fresh start to over 500 people throughout Lake County. Our staff is compassionate and dedicated, whether their clients are homeless, in an unhealthy living situation, or just paying way too much for rent. Not only do we support, advocate for, and link our clients to services in the community, we provide the crucial financial support they need to move towards living as independently as possibly in a home that is permanent, affordable, and supportive.

A home.

Through the properties we own and manage, we provide a home.

A hand.

Through our homeless outreach staff, housing support workers, peer coaches, residential care specialists, and property management staff, we provide a helping hand.

A fresh start.

Through the rental assistance programs we administer, we provide a fresh start.

Stories from McKinley Grove

One of the ways Extended Housing, Inc. is working to prevent and end homelessness for individuals with serious mental illness is by developing and sustaining permanent supportive housing.

Learn more about the impact of Extended Housing, Inc. through the stories of two tenants of McKinley Grove apartments. Extended Housing, Inc. developed, owns, and manages this building, and has provided permanent supportive housing to the building’s seventeen tenants since 2013.

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