Gerald’s Story

My name is Gerald. I am a client of Extended Housing and have been since around I believe 2014. My life for many years before my acceptance as a client of Extended Housing was very unmanageable in many areas. I was diagnosed with depression and other mental health issues in 2010. I was homeless, drinking and abusing substances that kept me depressed and unable to work. I have had to sleep in abandoned houses, sleep in parks, and under bridges.

My life while being homeless consisted of finding somewhere to bathe daily to at least be halfway decent and presentable before going to my mental health appointments, or to my regular doctor appointments.

After becoming a client of Extended Housing and starting off at McKinley Grove, I was given a chance to have a home again, and the ability to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Extended Housing had given me my hope back. I am appreciative and grateful for this opportunity of housing assistance.

Through Extended Housing I have learned and re-learned to not complicate situations and to use practical ways in making better choices by setting and achieving short term and long term goals. This was a great asset learned through the staff at Extended Housing.

Extended Housing has stepped in and covered me on many occasions through the years allowing me to reach my goals. I am proud of the relationships forged through the encouragements from the staff at Extended Housing.